Quality Policy

YEMEN FUTURE  is wholly committed to achieving a high standard of quality in all its business undertakings. It is the Group policy to supply products and services that fully meet or exceed the expectations and specifications of our customers and clients. This will be done in a professional, responsive and responsible manner and with due consideration for the well being of our employees, shareholders and the environment.
In order to ensure that our business conforms to this quality requirement, the COMPANY has established and implemented an effective Quality Management System which complies with Quality System Standard .
Our Quality Manual and its associated operating procedures describe the policies, objectives and inter-relationships of the COMPANY, together with interfaces to personnel operating within the Quality Management System. Our performance is reviewed and all relevant data analyzed by the Quality Team on a regular basis and measurable objectives and targets are set annually to ensure continual improvement of the system.
The Quality System is approved by the shareholders and is supported by all levels of management within the company. It is also subject to annual review for continuing sufficiency.
Our personnel have received training to ensure that they understand the policies, objectives and inter-relationships of the Quality System. All personnel are responsible for the implementation of those parts of the Quality Management System applicable to their activities and for achieving the specified quality standards. They are also encouraged to suggest improvements in our methods and procedures.