Yemen Future for oil, Gas, Construction & Socials foundation service was established in 2016 with the prime objective of marketing activities catering to the development of industrial and domestic infrastructure of Yemen. Subsequently, the company diversified its activities in line with the country’s growth requirements and achieved tremendous success in its specialty of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering and contracting, particularly in the oil and gas sectors. The diversity of Yemen Future for oil, Gas, Construction & Socials foundation service has contributed to a solid reputation in field.

Our Vision

With This Filed of services……

We will continue to introduce advanced technology, excellent quality of Yemenis enterprises and world to provide quality and efficient services. As general manager of Yemen Future for Oil, Gas, Construction and Logistics Services. I charged with the mission entrusted to contribute our strength for Yemeni Oil industrial technology level and Worldwide socials organization. And also, we will continue to pursuer & create, to provide quality of services to global system, with higher technology and services quality, win customers products & services recognized as the world’s top.

At the same time, we will keep “continue to self-innovation and make process” as our action rules. And do our greatest efforts and most sophisticated technology to provide customers with quality, price, performance, delivery of products and services. Thus, we hope develop together with clients to achieve the ambitious goal of the future.

Here, we would like you to give more us more encouragement, guidance and assistant in the future.

General Manager



  1. Supply of equipment for the oil and gas industry operators for oil concession in Yemen.
  2. Public construction and road.
  3. Power plants and maintenance.
  4. Construction and maintenance of oil field plants.
  5. Provide heavy and light equipment and specialized tools and spare parts.
  6. Rental of portable accommodation & office units.
  7. Calibration equipment.
  8. Provide specialized personnel in the field of cathodic protection.
  9. Provide manpower for maintenance work in the oil field.
  10. Car rental services.
  11. Chemical Cleaning.
  12. Hydro-jet Cleaning.
  13. Heat Ex-changer Re-Tubing.
  14. Cold Cutting.
  15. Bolt Tightening / Tensioning
  16. Blasting / Painting.
  17. Transportation service.
  18. Good transportation service.
  19. Logistics service.
  20. Information technology and networking solution.
  21. Consumer Electronics.




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