Mining services and Export of minerals

Coming Soon There are multiple parameters that drive an exploration drilling contract, ranging from the accessibility of the drilling site, topography, water supply, ground conditions and the customer’s technical requirements. The Company addresses the needs of each project, providing technical advice to the client and proposing a package of equipment, drilling methods and procedures to fulfill the needs of the contract. The Company specializes in operating in harsh environments, including deserts, rain forests, high altitudes, Arctic territories and remote locations. It has developed specific equipment tailored to meet its customer’s needs, including:

Specialized combination rigs that optimize exploration drilling efficiency for its customers. This enables the client to conduct the RC DTH percussive drilling and diamond core drilling with the same rig and crew.
Specially developed heli-portable drilling rigs and equipment to facilitate access to locations in rugged and remote terrain with little established infrastructure.
The Company’s many years of experience in remote regions of Yemen allow it to offer complete turnkey solutions to its customers, including lodging, catering, transportation and logistical support in addition to its drilling expertise. The Company also has extensive experience drilling volcanic formations which are of significant interest to Geothermal Project Managers.