Camp Catering & Food Services

Yemen Future knows that feeding a hungry workforce is a challenge facing operators in remote camp locations. It’s also a key ingredient for keeping workers committed to your company. Yemen Future  provides complete catering services customized to meet your tastes.

Our  chefs use professionally tested recipes and only the finest ingredients. We cater to changing tastes and trends that will keep your workforce satisfied.In even the most remote locations and extreme climates, we will provide your workforce camp with a wide range of flavors for hearty, nutritious meals, 24 hours a day.

We provide:

  • Full breakfast and dinner service.
  • Six-week cycle menu.
  • Rig box lunches.
  • Food safety/HACCP program.
  • Existing food supplier agreements.
  • Swipe card system for dining room.

Special features:

  • Bag lunch service for day and night crews.
  • Ethnic and “heart smart” dishes available.
  • 24-hour snacks and drinks.
  • Sandwich bar with “made-to-order” options.
  • Popular and healthy food choices.